So I got an A plus on my first Intro to Art paper, and a 100 on my first Intro to Statistics quiz. w33t. Go me.

I had a feeling I would get a C on that art paper because I basically had no clue what to write about. (I had to argue FOR the censorship of publically funded/shown art) It was tough. We had a little trial in class and our side lost. But it's easier to argue against censorship. That whole freedom of speech thing and all that.

Bizarre Dreams

The other night I woke up after having one of the weirdest dreams I've had in a while.

I was Denis Leary and I was working in a toll booth.

While I do love Rescue Me, I haven't watched any since I finished the season four dvd, so who knows why I dreamed about Denis Leary.

Very inteeeeresting.

Ruh roh.

So far two NIN shows have been postponed due to Trent's throat illness. I reaaaaaally hope this clears up before the 8/29 Philly show.

I've read a few reviews of the first few shows and they were great. I also took a sneak-peek at the show via some fan-posted Youtube stuff and it looks/sounds awesome.

Here's hoping Trent's better on the 29th.

Bad dudes are sexy

So I saw Dark Knight over the weekend and I thought it was excellent. Great performances by everybody, especially Heath Ledger, of course. It got me to thinking about me and my thing for villians. I tend to route for the villian over the hero, and I usually tend to find the villian hot (well not the Emperor or Saruman - I just think they're awesome) But like Darth Maul in Ep. I..while the movie wasn't so great, Darth Maul was awesome. He plays a Zabrak, the race that I play in Star Wars Galaxies (crappy game I know - I just play it cause my friends are there) and even though he has some nasty teeth, I found him hot. :P

I have a thing for vampires as well..but there is a definite lack of decent vampire movies. Interview was a decent movie adaption of a book - but the book was better. And Brad Pitt's Louis is way cuter than Tom Cruise's Lestat. Don't get me started on Queen of the Damned. That was terrible (but somehow it still found it's way into my movie collection..hrrm..interesting..:P)

I didn't think much of Underworld when I first saw it on dvd, but it grew on me and I eventually bought it. Then when the sequel came out I got that on dvd as well.

Anyway - back to the Joker. I loved Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker, but Heath Ledger's version blows his version completely out of the water.  I was never a huge fan of Heath Ledger. Though Brokeback was an excellent movie and I thought he did a good job. I just didn't see all of Heath's movies to fairly judge him. However after seeing the Dark Knight I'm even more impressed.

But anyway - I've got a huge crush on the Joker now. He was cute before in all of his green and purple insane glory, but Heath has made him even cuter.

Perhaps this post may make you think I'm also crazy for finding bad guys to be sexy..so be it. (..Jedi)